‘Religion & Belief Tandem Learning’ has been developed by the University of Sheffield Chaplaincy in conjunction with their Modern Languages Teaching Centre. It is a form of autonomous learning in which students and staff participate in structured conversations on a range of issues relating to ethics and belief. Following the principle of reciprocity or mutual benefit, each participant has to benefit equally to their own satisfaction from working in tandem.

Each year we host a programme of dialogue for people of all religions and beliefs. People with an interest in this type of dialogue and questions of religious and belief identities are welcome to participate. The great thing is that you determine what you want to learn, and you can arrange to meet up whenever and wherever you want.

Participants are encouraged to increase their social and cultural awareness by engaging actively with questions of religious and belief identities. Religion & Belief tandem learning takes place when participants of two different belief perspectives work together in order to learn about each other’s faith and to explore their own self-understanding. The task is not simply to engage in abstract debate but to understand religious identity in terms of personal reality and real experience.

This year due to Covid things are different – hopefully it will be possible to pair up people after the summer. If you are interested in taking part, please let me know.