Services happen in St Andrew’s every day and everybody is welcome to join us. Fr Johannes is usually in the office on Monday mornings between 9am and 12pm.

There is sufficient car parking space for people coming to services outside the church.

Sunday Sung Mass 10.30am

This is our main act of worship during the week and everybody is welcome to join us. We try our best to worship God ‘in the beauty of Holiness.’
We usually stay together for a bit afterwards to catch up with each other over a drink.

Weekday Rosary Wednesday 12.30pm, followed by Mass at 12.45pm

We restricted our weekday services to Wednesday at the beginning of the Covid pandemic to reduce the use of parts of the building.

This is a short Eucharist preceded by praying the Rosary. We usually stay together afterwards for a coffee, tea and biscuits.

Daily Mass and daily Office

Apart from Wednesday and Sunday the Mass is usually celebrated at 8am in the morning (Wednesday 12.30pm, Sunday 10.30am). This service depends on the availability of Fr Johannes and is not covered in his absence. The online diary below is up-to-date and tells when the service happens.

The Daily Office is prayed in church every day. The time of Evening Prayer varies a bit, again due to the availability of Fr Johannes. If you want to join in the morning or the evening please get in touch.

Let’s work with God to build his Kingdom together.