Praying for those who have died is an important duty for all Christians. One of the most efficacious ways we can do this is by celebrating a Mass of Requiem.

In a Requiem, we remember the souls of our departed loved ones and friends and give thanks for their lives. We pray God will make them ready to be welcomed into his kingdom.

We celebrate a Mass of Requiem about once a month during one of the weekday Masses.  There is usually a list placed at the back of Church after the Mass on the preceding Sunday, so that the names of those who have died recently, or those whom people would like to be remembered can be collected.

In addition to our monthly requiems, on All Souls’ Day, 2nd November, each year a special Requiem takes place when we make our annual remembrance of the departed and remember all those who have died.

Fr Johannes is always happy to celebrate a Requiem upon request from any parishioner, especially upon the news of the death of a loved one.