Getting married at St Andrew’s

Christian Marriage is the life-long union of a man and woman who share their lives together in such a way that that they mirror the love which Christ has for the Church.

Weddings are the joyful celebration to mark and publicise that life together. In a wedding, bride and groom give each other their consent, make solemn vows to one another, and have their union blessed in the presence of God. The service may also, if the couple want, take place in the context of a celebration of the Eucharist, referred to as a nuptial Mass.

You may get married at St Andrew’s Church if either you or your fiancé(e) live in our parish, or attend our church and are on our electoral roll. You may also be married here if you have a qualifying connection with our church, such as if a member of your family was baptised or married here. If either of you has been married before, it may still be possible to celebrate your marriage in church.

Please be in touch with Fr Johannes if you have any questions concerning marriage.

Have your Banns read at St ANDREW’s

Civil Partnership & Same Sex Marriage

It is possible to celebrate your union in church. Please get in touch with Fr Johannes to discuss this.

Let’s celebrate God’s love in your life.