DMU is within our parish boundaries, hence it is part of our calling to care for students and staff as we are their local Parish Church.

It is possible to make appointments via Student Wellbeing. Alternatively, somebody is around at St Andrew’s every Monday morning between 9am and 12pm – just come in and meet us and enjoy some Hygge!

We work together with other Religion & Belief Communities in Leicester and with the interfaith team of Faith Advisors at DMU. We do a program for students and staff around Religious Literacy – getting to know people who have a completely different background from yourself. This can happen through Lectures & Events, the Tandem Learning Program, through taking part in our services and last but not least by doing something helpful and meaningful together for our local community.

Under normal circumstances there would be regular services in the Campus Chapel in the Breathing Space, but due to Covid-19 things are a bit different this term. However, we do hope to gradually move back towards Real Life – Hygge is already happening again! Do contact us and find out more. Fr Johannes (and Dolly!) are usually on campus several days a week – just say hello!