St Andrew’s receives no funds whatsoever from either the government or the church. The cost of keeping our doors open, supporting our ministries, and sustaining the worship we offer is borne through the funds we raise as a parish. Our principal sources of income are the regular giving from our parishioners, income from the rent of our parish hall, and fundraising that takes place through the year. We are, therefore, very grateful indeed to all who contribute in anyway financially to supporting the life of our parish.

Online Giving to St Andrew’s

Regular giving to St Andrew’s by Standing Order

By far the best way of offering regular financial support to St Andrew’s is by standing order rather than by putting cash in the collection on a Sunday morning. A standing order simply pays a set amount of money stipulated by you once a month from your bank account to St Andrew’s bank account electronically.

Standing orders make it easier for our treasurer to predict our income. They also mean your collection money does not need to be counted and taken to the bank. In addition to that, they are more reliable for you, as giving by standing order means you know you’ll be contributing to St Andrew’s even if you’re away and unable to contribute physically to the collection plate. It is also much more easy for us to collect tax back on your contribution through Gift Aid if you pay by standing order.

Setting up a standing order to St Andrew’s is very easy.  Either you go to your bank, give them our bank details, and arrange a standing order, or you can set up a standing order on line if you bank electronically. A form to set up a standing order can be found here:

CAF Bank
Sort Code: 40-52-40
St Andrews Church, Jarrom Street
Account Number: 00009404

Gift Aid

If you pay income tax in the UK and give money to St Andrew’s, we can claim back the tax you have paid on that charitable gift.  This means we can increase your gift by 25% without you paying a single extra penny.

For example, if you gave St Andrew’s £100, we could claim back an extra £25 from the government which would mean we received a total of £125.  This applies to regular giving as well as one off gifts. Not claiming Gift Aid is simply throwing money away, and all it requires is for you to fill out a simple form and return it to us.