It is a legal requirement that your banns of marriage are published before you get married.  This means the Church publishes your intent to marry so that anyone who knows of a genuine legal reason why the union can not happen may lodge an objection.

A valid objection must be something recognised in law as prohibiting your ability to marry.  It does not mean that someone who wishes to cause trouble, or who is simply not happy with the idea of your wedding can prevent you getting married.

Banns are usually called on three successive Sundays at our 10.30am Sung Mass within a three month period before the wedding. It is almost unknown for any objection ever to be made.

A certificate proving that no objection was made must then be given to the priest officiating at the wedding. A standard fee of £44 is charged for the publication of banns and the issuing of a certificate.

Banns must be called in the Church of England parishes in which both bride and groom are resident. If you both live in the same parish, then banns only need to be published in one parish. Banns should only be published at St Andrew’s if you live within the boundaries of our parish, which are shown here.

How to apply to have your banns read:

1. Fill in this form.

2. Bring the filled in form to St Andrew’s Church along with the £44 fee in either cash or cheque made payable to “The Parish of St Andrew’s,” on a Sunday morning to the 10.30am Sung Mass.

3. We will then let you know precisely which Sundays your banns will be published on.

4. To pick up the certificate, come to St Benet’s on a Sunday morning to the 10.30am service on the third Sunday the banns are called, and we will issue the certificate for you. It is then your responsibility to take the certificate to the priest officiating at your wedding.