Looking back to the May Festival

It was good to celebrate the May Festival again and the weather was rather glorious. A big thanks to Fr Chris our preacher and to everybody who helped with hospitality, flowers, music, serving and other things – this a big and somewhat complicated event.

Next year we celebrate the Festival on Monday 13th May at 7pm and our Celebrant and Preacher will be Archbishop Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury.

National Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, Monday 29th May

The coach to Walsingham is sold out and there is a waiting list for people who would like to come. The only way to be fair is to be rather harsh I am afraid, hence the following (rather brutal) system is in place:

  • you need to arrive at 7.45am and put your luggage on the bus (toilets will be open from 7.30am)
  • if you are not on the bus by 7.55am I will give your seat to somebody on the waiting list.
  • the bus leaves at 8am. You cannot join us if you are late.

Programme for the Day 

  • 0745 Arrive at St Andrew’s (free parking) 
  • 0800 Coach leaves St Andrew’s 
  • 1100 Coach arrives 
  • 1200 Mass in the Abbey Grounds (outdoor) 
  • 1300 Picnic in the Abbey Grounds 
  • 1430 Sermon
  • 1500 Procession through Abbey Grounds and Village 
  • 1530 Benediction
  • 1600 Finish and return to coach 
  • 1630 Coach stops for Fish & Chips
  • 1900 Coach arrives at St Andrew’s 

Bring with you

  • Food and drink for yourself for the day 
  • Something to sit on (blanket or folding chair, ask Fr Johannes if you need to borrow something) 
  • Clothes for all weather (we are outdoors all day and the weather can be anything from hot and sunny to cold and wet) 
  • A small amount of pocket money if you want to buy something in the shop 

What’s so special about Walsingham? 

Little Walsingham is a small village in Norfolk in the east of England. It is located near the coast in an area which is both very beautiful and ancient. Walsingham has been England’s busiest place of Pilgrimage for hundreds of years, following an apparition of Our Lady in 1061. After the destruction of the Shrine during the Reformation it was re-established in 1931 and has again become a place of Pilgrimage for Christians of different denominations and backgrounds. 

A lamp for our parish has been continuously burning at the Shrine for many years. Besides the official parish link people from St Andrew’s have been travelling there

Corpus Christi Project Choir – starts 24th May

Following the success of the Easter Project Choir the next project is right around the corner! We move Corpus Christi to the nearest Sunday (11 June) and the same deal applies: you need to be able to commit to 2 out of 3 rehearsals.

  • People of all abilities and experiences are welcome to join. 
  • You do not have to be able to read sheet music. 
  • Each voice will be supported by a professional singer you can follow and ‘hang on to’ – making things both stable and easier. This also means that the project cannot fail, the professionals will carry everybody along. 
  • I am delighted that Leicester based musician, teacher, singer, organist, pianist and conductor John Gull has accepted leading this project at St Andrew’s. 

The three rehearsals are:

  • Wednesday 24th May, 7pm – 8.30pm
  • Thursday 1st June, 7pm – 8.30pm 
  • Wednesday 7th June, 7pm – 8.30pm

On Corpus Christi Sunday 11th June the project choir will sing during the 10.30am Festival Mass at St Andrew’s. 

Baptisms, Confirmations and Receptions with Bishop Peter, Sunday 09/07, 1030am

I am delighted that Bishop Peter is going to join us again in July for baptisms, confirmations and receptions into the Church of England. Children are baptised with the permission of their parents and they often cannot make a personal statement of faith – particularly if they are babies. In contrast, adults speak for themselves and the sacraments of baptism and confirmation are usually given together. See pictures below from last year’s baptism & confirmation service with Bishop Christopher.

Please talk to me if you are interested in baptism, confirmation or reception into the church.