In the last two weeks lots of organising and cleaning has been going on and Ben has been busy decorating the altar – he is confident to finish in time for Sunday!

I am delighted that we found the encaustic Victorian tiles below the plastic tiles and lots of concrete to be in reasonably good condition, and it looks like they can be made to look much better – unfortunately this cannot happen before August. Equally, the terrazzo altar steps need professional cleaning after 100 years of use – this is going to happen in August as well. Unfortunately, the wooden platform on the south side is beyond repair and needs replacing in due course – things will look a bit provisional for a while and not everything is going to be finished by Sunday.

However – it’s about time to pause and celebrate and thank everybody who contributed in various ways to what happened in the past month. Worshipping in the hall worked surprisingly well, but I for one am looking forward to go back into church and use lots of incense without triggering the fire alarm…

Please come and join us if you possibly can this coming Sunday! This is a significant date in the life of our parish as the altar is the central item in church and it is important to notice and celebrate what has happened. The hog roast is ordered for the carnivores, the vegetarian BBQ will be on fire and the drinks are bought already. If you are able to bring some food to share please let me know so we can coordinate things a little.

As usual, I got the weather sorted. Obviously.