In spite of this being holiday season lots of things have been happening. Individually their impact is perhaps smaller rather than enormous, but many small things add up to make a big difference.

I am a firm believer that beauty and God are connected – beautiful things point towards him and help us to worship him. This is true for music, architecture, art and all variety of things.

Kevin Yates has finished the new tabernacle. He used a beautiful walnut material which goes together well with the other wood inSt Andrew’s and the flower theme for the sides of the tabernacle you will recognise from the altar. Curtains in the liturgical colour will be made (I am in conversation with some lovely generous people) which will go in front of the tabernacle and on the pulpit. It will take a while for the tabernacle to be installed – Kevin is now constructing a way of securing it on top of gradine securely. As usual, pictures speak louder than words: see below!

Ben Archer has been working extremely hard gilding the four angels in the crossing, the pulpit step rail and the flowers in the communion rail. The angels were cut by the same person who made the clock tower in Leicester and are now properly visible. It is lovely that more and more beautiful things are appropriately visible and able to catch the eye.

Last not least the Saturday Cleaning Team has managed to work its way around the building for the first time. We have been meeting for two hours every two weeks since Pentecost, and powered by cake we have cleaned the building (and had a rather impressive selection of home-made cakes to work through). I do not enjoy cleaning any more as the next person, but this group has been one of my joys: apart from being the most lovely bunch of people this has genuinely been fun. As we are properly on top of things (HOORAY!!!) we will meet again Saturday 21st August from 9,15am to 11.15am – with cake. Fancy joining us? 🙂 The photos are misleading – we worked hard as well!!

Finally some things happening in the next few weeks:

– the Memorial Service for Neville Iliffe is happening this Thursday, 5th August at 7pm. The preacher is Mthr Morna Simpson, former curate of St Andrew’s.
– on Sunday 15th August Bishop Christopher Boyle will confirm two people during the Parish Mass. Bishop Christopher has not been for a while and it will be lovely to welcome him back. The 15th August is the Solemnity of the Assumption (holy dying) of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Lucy Wiles will again use her talents to make some flower arrangements for the church (remember her work from Easter Sunday?). I can’t think of a better excuse for a bit of party – Our Lady has been looking after us for a long time and it will be lovely to celebrate with our newly confirmed parishioners.

I am finalising rooms for the Walsingham Weekend Pilgrimage in October – last chance to sign up! If you are interested, please talk to me during this week.

Fr Johannes