As part of worshipping safely during this pandemic we leave 72 hours between using the building for worship – however this could mean 72 hours for distinct parts of the building. Luckily St Andrew’s is a large charge and can hold up to 50 people in a socially distanced way. However, it would be most inappropriate to take any unacceptable risks and we have been moving slowly towards a fuller pattern of services.

From Wednesday 21st October I am introducing one regular weekday Mass again, timed around lunchtime beginning at 12.45pm. Unfortunately it is not possible at this stage to combine it with a shared lunch as we were used to – this will have to wait until some time in 2021. However, we can meet to celebrate the Mass every Wednesday at this time in the Lady Chapel. In order to keep everybody safe the chapel will be slightly rearranged and the service will be adopted along national guidelines.